Producing Task 4: Evaluation


Being the role of producer has been a bumpy ride for Craig and I during this process. I feel we had a difficult team to work with as they were unresponsive a lot of the time. However, there was a meeting that Craig and I both forgot about, which did not do us any favours because after missing a meeting our team could then think we were unreliable as producers. However, we had arranged consecutive meetings where they didn’t attend so we lost track where we were with them. In addition to this we never got a chance to meet the team as a whole unit, only some at a time. Craig and I had regular weekly meets to keep up to date with what was happening, and we got to the stage where we had locations sorted, and platforms in which to get actors. It was frustrating that our production couldn’t progress further when we were willing to put in the effort and kept coming up short. Having said this, there was room for us to play a more active role for example we could have searched for the team within the college and physically sought them out every time they missed a meeting to find out what the issues were. If they were having trouble with any aspects  we would have happily guided them, although our responsibility was solely the producing of it and their responsibility was to provide content that we could then organise. We did try to find them on a couple of occasions with no luck and concluded we could use our time better and email them to keep arranging meetings in hopes they would get back to us. I feel that the team that was assigned to us were unmotivated and unenthusiastic about the production.  We did not have a chance to produce an end product so unfortunately we could not show it to an audience and obtain feedback. Having said this I think it was a good initial idea and could potentially have made a good, professional looking short film. I feel as a producer I kept a good record of what was going on, held minutes at the meetings and evidenced every stage for referral. I also found some good locations that would suit the storyline well and that wouldn’t require any money, keeping it so that we wouldn’t need a budget. I would like to have been more challenged had the production progressed to the stage of filming, as my responsibilities would increase and I would really have to show my role as a producer. If I had another go at being a producer I would like to have a more enthusiastic and dedicated production team, however as a producer you can’t pick who you work with but in the industry you would usually get a team that were willing to work because they get paid for it.