Exemplar Work

Exemplar Work

Here are a few of the projects I have participated in over the course of my education.

Final SFX Make-up 

Here is a documentary style video that was asked to be made by level 3 make-up students at my college, Brooksbymelton. I was the camerawoman for a lot of shots, the interviewee with some of the questions asked to the students and I edited this final video to give to the class to submit as evidence.


‘The XX’


This was a  short science-fiction film, based on the expansion of an original idea Pete Bendoris and I had created. This was one of the biggest projects I have worked on over the course of my education. This project involved a lot of heavy work including us having to make the locations and sets! I was the director of this piece and it was the first time I’d been put in charge of professional actors that came in externally, instead of using the performing arts student. a big challenge but an enjoyable experience!



The Edge

This was a short piece filmed for the 2nd year performing arts students, to evidence a dance they had choreographed themselves. They wanted it as part of some sort of narrative and this was the end result. I helped with camerawork but the excellent edit was made by John Holmes.


Final Edit Hurtwood


This was a music video I made to enter a competition. I directed all of the scenes, did some camera work and edited it myself.


AOL Mapquest competition

This was a video made and edited by Richard Holmes, i star as an actor but I also helped with the lighting and some camerawork.