5 year plan

5 year plan

5 year plan

Year 1:

I will start my 2 year HND in September 2012, having completed and passed my level 2 BTEC diploma in creative media production. This will involve completing up to 9 units throughout the academic year of September 2012 to May 2013. This will involve working productively and consistently with the help of my peers and tutors. By the summer of 2013 I should have completed my first years work and be investigating the other units in the second year, doing any preparation I can.

Year 2:

I will hopefully have passed my first year and progressed onto the second year of my HND. With hard work and determination I should be working towards completion throughout the academic year of September 2013 to May 2014. By this time, I should have developed my practical skills to a point where I can investigate individual projects, like entering competitions such as MoFilm, Genero TV, etc to start building a portfolio of work. By the end of the academic year leading into the summer I will prepare myself for the BSC and work on individual projects to build my portfolio and improve my skills as a filmmaker.

Year 3:

On completion of the HND I will hopefully return to Brooksby melton College in September/October to start my BSC in moving image. Hopefully as part of individual projects I will undertake or as part of my university work, I will have work that is of a professional standard that I can have as part of a showreel. Whilst on the course, I will look for work experience to undertake during the summer so I have some hands-on experience in a real industry workplace. For example, I have a friend who has a contact to a person that works with ITV to recruit and employ runners for shows like Xfactor and Britain’s got Talent. Although it could involve long hours and little pay it will benefit me to be in a working environment. In addition to this I wish to take a MA course on completion of the BSC.

Year 4:

On completion of the BSC I should hopefully have been accepted onto a MA course, such as this one


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 18.24.04


During which I should’ve built a steady portfolio and maybe some contacts and ties that I could pursue further on completion of the MA.

Year 5:

I will hopefully have completed my course and will have an MA in film and television production. From this point onwards I will look for jobs in the media sector through a series of jobs sites (As stated in the research section of this task) Being now fully qualified with a portfolio of work I should hopefully be employed to a television studio or at least have a working contract with a production company.