Page 8: Top 10 Tips

Page 8: Top 10 Tips

My top 10 tips to get a foothold in the media industry:


. Find a skill which you want to specialise in. Find something you’re good at but also enjoy.

. Enter as many competitions as you can as often as possible. One of the best chances to expose yourself and you have nothing to loose!

. Look for employment both locally and nationally, you may come across the perfect job for you!

. No job is too small or unimportant, you have to start from somewhere. No matter how mundane a task is asked of you, do it anyway because hard work is recognised and it could lead to better tasks and even promotions.

. Dedication and hard work is key! If you’re freelance, you’ve got to work your best to get the best out of it. If you’re an employee they want to see your loyalty, dedication and skill which could all lead to bigger and better working opportunities.

.If you’re self-employed, make sure you’re strict on yourself.

.Network! Get your name out there, get your work seen. Whether it be through social media, the internet or word of mouth.

. Take criticism constructively. Any criticism you receive will only help you improve yourself and your skills.

. Practice, practice, practice. Even if you’re out of work, still take an active role in practicing your skill

. Keep in the loop-

subscribe or buy trade journals so you’re always in the know of the ever advancing world that is media and you can stay on top of your game.