Page 3: TV and Film Events

Page 3: TV & Film Events

Here is a calendar listing of a few of the main TV & Film events going on throughout the year, including a lot of competitions. All good options in progressing your skills as a filmmaker and getting some exposure in the industry!





  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Sundance
  • Slamdance





Sundance’s Mission Statement is – ‘ Sundance Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the Institute seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.’ This is great for promoting a film you want to be seen, and if it is showed through Sundance’s ‘Film forward’ or at the festival, chances are your work will be seen by top players in the industry who could potentially want you as a future employee.Great way to promote yourself as a filmmaker.


Slamdance website states that ‘It all began when a group of cheerful, subversive filmmakers weren’t accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Unwilling to take “no” for an answer, they instead started their own event – Slamdance: Anarchy in Utah. 20 years later, Slamdance has become a year-round organization fostering the development of unique and innovative filmmakers. The organization now consists of the Film Festival, Screenplay Competition and Slamdance Studios.‘ So it is a newer, more ‘indie’ version of Sundance festival with the opportunity to get your work recognised and to promote yourself as a filmmaker, with many potential employers looking at the product on the website.




  • MoFilm 
  • GeneroTV
  • European Film Market
  • Berlinale Talents
  • True/False Film Festival


GeneroTV works in conjunction with musicians who want videos making for their songs. Some of the musicians that use the website are world-wide stars such as Ellie Goulding, Bombay Bicycle Club, Aloe Black and more. If you win your video is used by the musician which would give you massive coverage, a cash prize and the potential to make more videos for your selected artist, as they have been known to use the same filmmaker for future music videos.


According to the website, ‘Berlinale Talents is an annual international get-together of a selected group of 300 promising filmmakers, to which directors, screenwriters, producers, cinematographers, editors, actors, distributors, production designers, sound designers/composers and film critics from all over the world are invited. Berlinale Talents is an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival. It greatly benefits from the proximity to the main festival center and the European Film Market (EFM).’ This is a hard place to get into but a good opportunity for post-graduate filmmakers that are good at their trade. They get invited to meet and work with ‘first-class experts’ as part of a programme that runs master classes and panel discussions, and additional they run project labs in which ‘producers, writers/directors can further develop and present their project’. –


This is a rare but excellent oppurtunity for young filmmakers/writers/directors to further their knowledge and attain help to get their projects of the ground.





  • Mofilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Tampere
  • Cinema Du Réel



A short history of Tampere film festival obtained from


Tampere Film Festival was founded in Tampere short film anniversaries, which was held in February and March in 1969. Initiative made a Tampere-based film culture spokesperson of Ilkka Kalliomäki. Short Film Days was a success and encouraged them to continue their activities. The very next year, with the Ministry of Education, the Finnish Film Foundation with the support of the City of Tampere and Tampere, the first International Short Film Festival. Tampere Film Festival is the Nordic region’s oldest short film festival. Its main task is since the 1970s, been the international and domestic short film competition, as well as the organization of work in the film industry, professional and amateur international meeting place. Since its creation, the festival has been an internationally recognized event, and it has established itself in Finland.


What I deem to be quite a prestigious festival with it being one of the oldest, and they are accepting of any newcomers. If your film makes it on here it will be subject to a huge audience, giving you good publication and even the chance to be scouted by an employer.


According to, One world Human Right Documentary Film Festival is


‘ …the largest human rights film festival in the world, screens over 100 documentary films annually and attracts an audience of over 100,000. There are two competition categories (Main Competition for the Best Film and Best Director awards, and the Right to Know Competition) and a number of topical thematic categories. In addition to Prague, One World program travels to over 40 towns in the Czech Republic… the documentary films shown at One World cover a broad range of human rights, foreign policy and social issues. The festival is a testament to how effective a tool documentary films can be, when they are used strategically for raising awareness, educational purposes, human rights advocacy, stimulating debate, and promoting social integration. Some other essential parts of One World are director Q&As, panel debates with experts, screenings for primary and secondary school students, and cooperation with universities and colleges, the new media category called One World Social Innovation, and industry section East Doc Platform for film professionals (organised by Institute of Documentary Film).’


This festival is an opportunity to contribute towards many issues we face worldwide, and is in aid of these issues. If you want to contribute to a worthy cause, this is the one! If your documentary is recognised and showed by oneworld, it will attract a vast audience and people may even pay to get your documentary broadcast. If you’re passionate about human rights, politics or social issues this is the one for you!






  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Ann Arbour
  • MipTV – Held in Cannes, videos aimed specifically for TV companies to get hold of.
  • San Fransico – Americas oldest film festival



Ann Arbours film festival is :

‘… the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America, established in 1963. Internationally recognized as a premiere forum for independent filmmakers and artists, each year’s festival engages audiences with remarkable cinematic experiences. The six-day festival presents 40 programs with more than 180 films from over 20 countries of all lengths and genres, including experimental, animation, documentary, fiction, and performance-based works.


There has been a lot of influential filmmakers that have exhibited their early work at this festival such as Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol, Barbara Hammer, George Lucas, Matthew Buckingham, and James Benning. There are many different categories you can enter so there’s something for any budding filmmaker, and a cash prize!



MIPTV mission statement is:


MIPTV is the world’s most-established TV and digital content market and the biggest gathering of entertainment industry professionals each April. Top television execs and creative talent from 100 countries converge in Cannes to forge early-stage content development partnerships and seal international distribution deals for the year ahead‘. Probably one of the best ways to get involved in the tv industry.




  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Hot Docs
  • Cannes Film Festival


Hot Docs –


Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of more than 180 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe. Through its industry programs, Hot Docs also provides a full range of professional development, market and networking opportunities for documentary professionals.‘ For a budding filmmaker with a keen interest in documentaries, this one speaks for itself.


Cannes film festival is one of the largest most popular film festivals to date, with many spin-off festivals branching from the original. Based in Cannes, France, their mission is to:


draw attention to and raise the profile of films with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level. ‘ –


They strive to discover new talent and have a ‘cannes short film’ competition, to promote shortfilm production worldwide, in addition to ‘stimulate the creativity of short film artists’. Being a part of this festival would give you worldwide coverage and strong support of your talent. There’s so many parts that make this festival, and if you’re willing to go for the big leagues, this is for you!






  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Sydney Film Festival
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • London UK Film Focus


Annecy International Animated film Festival is a festival that celebrates animation, where past and new work is exhibited, you can establish new associates and partners, there are masterclasses that are held and much more.The competition consists of feature films, short films, graduation films and even commissioned films (animated of course).These can be films that have already been commissioned for broadcast, or from new up-coming talent. In addition to this there are also ‘out of competition’ feature films and short films that are showed on one of Annecys’ many cinema’s, that run from 10am to 11pm for the duration of the festival. If you’re a budding animator then this is the place to get your work shown, with around 7,1000 accredited professionals turning up to last years festival, and 290 international buyers, distributors and investors AND 340 journalists! It could mean the start of your career!




  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Comic-Con
  • Punchon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • T-Mobile New Horizon International Film Festival


About T-Mobile New Horizon International film Festival:


The T-Mobile New Horizons IFF is committed to expanding its international presence and building long-term relationships with the world film industry professionals. Festival brings excellent opportunities to meet, discuss and exchange ideas, find co-producers and discover new talent. More than 600 film professionals visit our festival every year.


The festival is open to feature films, documentaries, animations, experimental films, short films and innovative visual productions. If you have any of this work you want to submit this festival offers a chance for your work to be seen by some of the industry’s professionals which could stand you in good stead for a future career.




  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • DocuWeek
  • World Film Festival



M.I.F.F (Melbourne International Film Festival) is one of the world’s oldest film festival and Australia’s most important screen events. MIFF offer a premiere fund for supporting new Australian quality feature-length projects that are then exhibited at the International premiere at MIFF. In addition to this they also run a director’s development programme called ‘Accelerator’.



  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Enter a Script
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Fantastic Fest Austin
  • Indépendant Film Week


Enter A Script is a DC shorts screenplay competition, looking for short scripts less than 15 pages long to be entered with the chance of winning $1,000 for the winning script and $1,000 on the completion of the finished film, which is then automatically entered into the following DC shorts premiere.



  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • New york Film Festival
  • Tri Continents Film Festival
  • MIPcom
  • London Film Festival



Obtained from ‘‘ :


‘The London Film Festival, officially called the BFI London Film Festival is organised annually by the British Film Institute (BFI) since 1953. It is the UK’s largest public Festival of its kind and is visited by thousands of film enthusiasts who have the ability to see over 300 films, documentaries and shorts from all over the world.‘ Four types of awards given are Best Film Award, Best British Newcomer Award, The Sutherland Trophy and The Grierson Award. It is a relatively new festival but for British newcomers this would be a good place to submit work, as you work may be more likely to be recognised as there are less competitors due to less coverage, however you could still be scouted by British filmmaking professionals.








  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Rome Film Festival
  • Stockholm International


Stockholm International Film Festival is recognised for its ‘…ability to promote and offer a venue for young and unestablished filmmakers..’ which is a perfect opportunity to be a part of if you’re a post-graduate student looking to get your work seen. Only directors who have made less than 3 films are selected for the competition. There are also chances to meet actors and filmmakers (and make connections) in addition to seminars.




  • MoFilm
  • GeneroTV
  • Dubai Film Festival
  • London United Film Festival





Mofilm’s tagline is ‘Inspiring filmmakers and musicians to create content for big brands and social causes’. They work in conjunction with big-brand companies such as Coca-Cola, Playstation, HTC that want promotional videos/adverts made for them. It is free to sign up, anyone can join, there are always live briefs that offer approximately 6 weeks to submit your final product, AND it’s always a cash prize usually with a trip of sorts. It is internet based so it is easy to access, and runs 12 months of the year so there’s always a project you can work on. Very good project to endeavour, and if you are successful, your video is used by these big companies, giving you good publication and something to add to your portfolio/showreel.