Page 2: Industry Trade Journals

Page 2: Industry Trade Journals

Here are a few examples of trade journals you should keep an eye on to keep up to date with the ever changing world that is film and television.




This is an online publication aimed at people who are working, or want to work in broadcast, commissioning and production. It is useful for:


. Keeping you up to date with the broadcast industry & events, such as upcoming shows in production, deals made between producers/broadcasters and new technology.

. Advertises Jobs within the TV industry.

. Gives you ratings on TV shows to keep you informed on whats popular.

. Discussions on topics and the chance to join forums for larger discussions.

. Behind the scene interviews, analysis and reports to give you an insight to working on productions.




One of the leading online magazine for the commercial media industry. Its topics include:


. Updates you on breaking news about the developments taking place across TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, digital and agencies.

. Advertises Jobs within the media sector.

. Keeps you up to date with ratings/circulation figures.

. Interviews with industry players.





WIRED is a published magazine and has an online website. Although it’s not specifically aimed at people in the media sector, it is still a useful read, because:

. Gives the first word on developments in business, culture, innovation and science, all categories that could involve changes in the media industry.

.Gives you an insight in developing technology so you can stay on the ball.

. Introduces you to upcoming talents whether it be directors, producers, animators, graphic designers, etc for you to broaden your knowledge.

. Interviews with industry professionals.






Twice yearly journal produced from The Guild Of Television Cameramen, originated in 1973. Zerb is useful for:


. Practical workers who are interested in the production side of the industry, reliable information as it is written and largely edited by cameramen.

. ‘Mix of technical information and human stories related to the craft of camerawork.’

. Publicizes changes and trends in TV technology and techniques.

. Tips on camerawork, and what equipment to use.

. An insight into the process of filming, especially in TV.