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A practical guide to finding employment in the moving image industry: Into & Contents Page

Processed with Rookie  My name is Vicky Grant and I have created a practical guide to finding employment in the moving image industry. I am currently on a higher national diploma course, and found it would be useful to me and others who are in education or just finishing to get to know the trade, the industry and how to get a foot-in.

It can be hard to get into the moving image business and this guide is to give you an insight into the main roles within the industry and what responsibilities those roles contain, competitions and annual events, different places for employment and training and a few more bits and pieces. I finish this guide with my top 10 tips into getting your foot into the door!

I hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful!

Page 1: Roles in TV Film Industry

Page 2: Industry Trade Journals

Page 3: TV and Film events

Page 4: Business Models

Page 5: Professional Links

Page 6: Top 10 national employers

Page 7: Training opportunities

Page 8: Top 10 tips.